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Toronto Filmmaker Justin Decloux hosts Teddy Bomb Blu-Ray Release Party at The Royal Cinema

Toronto, November 23, 2016 – On Wednesday, December 14, Toronto filmmaker Justin Decloux will release a special edition Blu-Ray of his first feature film “Teddy Bomb” at The Royal Cinema with a one-time-only public screening event. The screening will include a Q&A with the cast and crew of the micro-budget film which was shot in Toronto and produced by CANMAKE Productions. The Blu-Ray will go on sale at the screening, and is filled with special features including 10 different commentary tracks, a behind the scenes featurette and deleted scenes.

Teddy Bomb, a splatter-comedy gore fest follows beer delivery boy Christian through Toronto as he inadvertently discovers a talking bomb, hidden inside a teddy bear that is being hunted by evil goons. Christian and his girlfriend along with his best friend Justin slash their way through bloody fights with the aid of the head exploding bomb.

The one-time-only screening at The Royal Cinema is part of a monthly program called The Laser Blast Film Society programmed by Justin Decloux and Peter Kuplowsky, which screens unknown films typically meant for direct to VHS release. “Screening Teddy Bomb at The Royal is a really great visibility opportunity for the film and for the people who helped to make it,” says Justin Decloux, writer and director of Teddy Bomb. “I feel incredibly lucky to have the chance to launch the Blu-Ray with a screening in a Toronto cinema.”

Tickets are available for purchase at LINK and pre-orders for the special edition Blu-Ray can be placed at and picked up at the December 14, 2016 screening. The film will be available at as of December 14, 2016 for digital rent and download as well as Blu-Ray and DVD purchase.



Justin Decloux

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About CANMAKE Productions:

CANMAKE Productions is a narrative film production company based in Toronto that combines creativity with classic storytelling and local resources to produce horror and genre films. Filmmaker Justin Decloux has been working in Toronto’s film industry for more than ten years as a director, editor and writer.